Future Technology Worldwide, LLC

FTW, LLC is a Manufacturers' Representative whose executive possesses over 25 years of technical sales, account management, and business development experience. I have created a well balanced portfolio of suppliers to meet many of your product, component, and service needs. I strive to maintain for my principals the highest level of sales representation for business, market development, and growth in the Great Lakes Territory. I offer a high level of practical experience, technical know-how, and a solid reputation for opening doors, and building relationships with engineering, purchasing, and management.

What We Do

Future Technology Worldwide, LLC represents cutting edge suppliers in aeronautics, alternative energy, industrial, medical, and vehicular applications. Included products for these markets are Power Supplies, Inverters/Converters, Power Control Modules, Transformers, Inductors, Capacitors, Integrated Circuits, High Speed Diodes, Integrated Batteries, Gate Drivers, SiC Switches, Ultra Caps, Energy Management Products, SCRs, Ceramic Electrolytic & Film Capacitors, and 3D Printers. All of these products are supplied by companies that have a fundamental technical edge over their competition. Additionally, FTW offers key services for your development needs including CNC Milling, 3D Printing, Contract Manufacturing, Engineering Design, and Automated Functional Test Design. These Service principals are also leaders in their respective markets.

I am here to serve you with fast and responsive service, with a thorough knowledge of my offerings.